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The York Guns STEALTH Range

In early 2012 the much awaited York Guns 20B ‘Stealth’ Shotgun was released into the market. Available in both single shot and pump action, we developed the Stealth moderator to ensure we meet the stringent requirements of our customers. Lightweight over barrel silencers made of alloy are powder coated, preventing corrosion from cartridge gases. York Guns STEALTH Shotguns therefore bring together innovation with the toughness and reliability of the Baikal and Mossberg.

The Future of Silenced Shotguns…

Our STEALTH line continues to grow and develop, with the most recent addition of the Adler MT-206 .410 providing a much-needed affordable folding small bore to the range. Scroll down to see our full selection…

Rugged, Reliable, Whisper-quiet. The NEW York Guns Adler Stealth is the essential .410 silenced shotgun. Fully folds to only 34″ in length, lightweight and easy handling. Takes full power or subsonic 3″ Magnum shells, fiber or plastic wad. 33.5″ Fixed choke barrel with 13.5″ length of pull.

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Proudly American with a Yorkshire twist! We machine our STEALTH Moderators from one piece of aircraft grade aluminium giving superior noise attenuation. The perfect partner to for this superb, compact platform. 3 Shot, 3″ Magnum .410 proof pump action. Also, dual extractors and dual action bars provide flawless operation.

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Bigger Bore for Bigger Jobs. Our STEALTH Moderators are machined from one piece of aircraft grade aluminium giving superior noise attenuation. This therefore makes them the perfect choice for serious pest control. These 3 Shot, 3″ Magnum 20b pump actions operate flawlessly for perfection when it counts.

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A moderated version of the Baikal MP18M-M, providing a simple, lightweight moderated shotgun. The Baikal MP18M-M base is a rugged, compact shotgun, perfect for moderation.  These Baikal shotguns last a lifetime while spares are easily obtained.

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