Firstly, a little background from where this all stems. Over the last couple of years my old faithful black shadow fern has been starting to struggle the days after a shoot day. Just purely from age and willingness to work hard and loves shooting. She is that dog that as soon as she sees you loading up for a few hours, morning , afternoon, evening or day out she will start to do a daft spinning on the spot (which I should have stopped from a puppy but didn’t).

I first got Fern when I was a gamekeeper in Scotland which unfortunately went sour, since then with education and work she has still had a totally unwavering faithfulness and companionship towards me built from the foundation of being with her 24 hours a day 7 days a week as a puppy. Fern is literally, my second shadow.

I am now in an extremely fortunate position to be able to expand my team by bringing in a puppy to work with and  learn (the good habits) from Fern. I had been looking and toying with the idea for some time now just causally looking through black Labrador puppy advertisements from shooting parents, then one advert jumped out at me and I went to go and see the pups and the dam. She was a fantastic temperament, brought up in a family environment and was a working pet, blood lines were very good and as we are all aware of in Labradors a very good hip/eye score as well. The decision was made. Cash on the table time, the deposit went down and a small bitch puppy secured.


We picked the puppy up at 8 weeks and quickly settled on the name Trix, and since then she has been settling in like an absolute diamond! She is already reluctant to leave my side which can be good and bad. It can make the usual simple household tasks a bit difficult at times, like when taking a shower; you will regularly find a little black Labrador curled up on the bathmat exactly where you want to step out and taking the bins out with a puppy between your feet is interesting. But saying all this, I do not mind one bit, as to me it is one of the most important parts of establishing that connection.


Trix is starting to get used to home life routine now and we are working on responding to her name and toilet training, which I must say I am very pleased with her progress and at 9 weeks old now we are getting fewer and fewer accidents in the house, and have had a couple of nights when we have had no accidents at all. Any accidents are usually due to me being too slow to get my backside out of bed in time to get her outside. I will keep you updated on how she is progressing and will hopefully soon be able to come to work with me from time to time, mainly once she is toilet trained as I’m not a fan of not being able to get work done due to cleaning up puppy mess from the office floor!