The season is open and a wide range of quarry is now up for grabs. You’re new to the sport, you’ve been shooting clays all summer, and you’ve now got the opportunity to grab some meat for the pot. Be it rough shooting, wildfowling, or even pest control- you need a new gun, an all-rounder ready for anything. The issue is, just like everyone- money is a bit tight.
Lucky for you, the lower-end market is growing, consistently, and you’ve now got a range of good-quality firearms to choose from. We’re here to give you our opinion on the best choices available right now.

Top 5 Guns Under £600

Catma 505-NM/505-TRP

New to the UK Market, the Catma 505 series represents a truly competitive choice. With a double-bite locking action, high-quality 4140 Steel barrels, and hard-wearing Turkish walnut stocks, these guns are a lasting, quality option. Equipped with all the features you’ll ever need: 3” Magnum, Steel proof chambers with a full set of multichokes. Single, selective trigger. The 505-TRP is unique on the market: the cheapest new Over & Under with a fully adjustable comb.

A touch heavier than the other options on this list, the Catma 505 series swings well and looks the part. The smooth Schnabel-esque foreend on the 505-NM is accentuated by a rich hand-rubbed oil finish. With all this for only £455 (Or £495 for the adjustable comb version) the 505-NM is a serious prospect for someone just getting into the sport.

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The ATA SP series has probably been around long enough now to be considered a “Mainstay” in the British shooting community. Built and marketed to compete specifically with the ever more expensive Beretta Silver Pigeon series, the ATA shares similar design and traits with Beretta’s flagship model. Every publication under the sun has reviewed these things, and there isn’t much left to say. Solid, fully featured, and reliable.

The ATA SP model might be a little “clumsier” than the inevitable comparison to Beretta, but they’re well balanced and well refined as a sporting gun. Deep, detailed chequering and a simple but attractive action style means the ATA SP looks the part on the clay range and a driven day.

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KOFS Sceptre

The alternative to the alternative. Aimed squarely at competing with the Yildiz SPZME model Over/Under, the KOFs Sceptre is serious value for money. The alloy action and slim-line woodwork gives a far less “Hefty” feel than the ATA or Catma shotguns, but might come at a cost of durability down the line. Finished with a superb hand-oiled Turkish walnut, and an attractive floral scroll engraving, KOFs shotguns bring a touch of class to the lower-end of shotgun manufacture.

Well balanced, although as a light, short gun these things have a tendency to “Poke” at targets rather than swing through. A well finished, comfortable gun that makes a worthy start to any shooting career. Chrome lined, 3” Magnum multi-choke barrels are a real plus.


Mossberg Maverick 28″

Finally, something that isn’t Turkish! Mossberg’s Maverick Manufacturing division produces their more affordable shotguns, but don’t let the name fool you- these are every bit as rugged and durable as the standard 500 series. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, a gun for all seasons and all reasons, this is the thing. There’s a reason Mossberg is the most popular pump-action shotgun in the world. 3” Magnum chamber, multi choke, steel proof and all the other trimmings.

Dual extractor bars, steel action frame and a polymer trigger group mean these guns will last a lifetime. Drag it through a rough shoot? No problem. Wildfowling in an estuary? Perfect choice. Cracking a few clays? Easy. They might not be the most stylish of guns- but if you need something dependable by your side, there’s nothing better. Because of the modularity of the Mossberg platform, they’re also infinitely customisable to your own needs.


Hatsan Escort 28″

Back to Turkey again. The Hatsan Escort is ubiquitous. When first released, the Escort struggled with reliability problems and poor manufacturing quality. Now past their fifth generation, consistently re-designed and product improved, the Escort is a stalwart contender for a real ‘people’s gun’ in the way the Ford namesake is a ‘people’s car’. The bog-standard gas system in the Hatsan is reliable, when kept clean, and handles a superb range of cartridges well.

Again, the Hatsan is a superb choice as a cheap option for all disciplines. Don’t take it on a driven game day, mind. It seems everybody has used or handled one of these guns before, and for good reason. Available in synthetic or wooden stocks, from Wildfowl to Sporting Clay variants, there’s an Escort for everyone.


The Wildcard

You’ll struggle to find a new gun, under £600, from anywhere but Turkey nowadays. If you’re hankering after something a little more Western, with a big name behind it, you have to look at the Used market. Our current best example of the “Buy used” philosophy is a true Belgian made Browning B27 for only £495.00

Sure, you don’t get multichokes, 3” magnum chambers, or years of warranty. But what you do get is the warm, fuzzy feeling that somewhere in Ogden, Utah, John Moses Browning is sleeping a little more soundly in the grave knowing that his B25 action design is still being enjoyed. What you also get is a tried, tested and proven gun that- when new- was worth far more than the current asking price. That means it’s finished, balanced and built to a far higher standard than a new gun for which the materials cost is something akin to your monthly food bill. Guns were built proper back then, and this little Browning is no exception.

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If it’s not a browning you’re after, this applies to a whole host of other guns. Winchester 96 and 101s in particular fetch an asking price far below their build quality and features list. Want something Japanese? Try an SKB! There are hosts of used options out there.

There are, of course, other opinions and other options out there. For our money, however, these are the best of the bunch. A final note on all of them, too- due to the nature of the market and the affordability of these guns, there are always deals to be struck and bargains to be had. Don’t be afraid to be a bit cheeky!