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Peltor shotgunner folding earmuffs

A simple, no-nonsense design for ear protection, specifically with shotgunners in mind. Cut away, low profile ear cups minimise interference with gun mount. A Noise Reduction Rating of 21db ensures protection for your hearing in any shooting situation, be it on the range or in the hunt. Adjustable aluminium headstrap with generous padding and a choice of green or black colour to suit any taste.

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Peltor Folding Earmuffs

Peltor folding earmuffs, designed in Sweden, assembled in the USA. Due to a specific design philosophy for shotgun shooters of any discipline, the Peltor shotgunner folding earmuffs are lightweight and low-profile. A cut-away, tapered cup design minimizes stock interference while providing a Noise Reduction Rating of 21 dB. In addition, a fully adjustable stainless steel, padded headband provides comfort and secure fit for any shooter. Comfortable and affordable, they are therefore a perfect entry level earmuff and an essential piece of safety equipment.

A simple design provides rugged dependability, making them suitable for the Range, Hunting, Law Enforcement and Military purposes.

Available in Green or Black colours.

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