Nitesite Lithium Ion Battery & Strap

Spare batteries for the NiteSite range of night vision optics to extend your shooting time on the Viper, Wolf and Eagle. 2Ah and 4Ah come with a scope mounting strap and provide 7.4 hours of use on the Viper and 6.5 hours of use on the Wolf respectively. 6Ah is stock mounted for the Eagle.



Nitesite Lithium Ion Battery & Strap

NiteSite pride themselves on their spares and accessory support. This is what has set the NiteSite range apart from other night vision optics manufacturers. The availability of the Nitesite Lithium Ion Battery has only increased the famed speed and practicality of the NiteSite range. Therefore any professional or enthusiast utilising NiteSite products can extend their hunting trips with their Viper, Wolf or Eagle NiteSite.

Due to their lightweight construction, the 2Ah and 4Ah easily and securely mount to a scope with the provided strap. However, the 6 Ah battery mounts to the stock and thus requires a stock pouch for safe, solid mounting.

To fit the following products:

2 Ah: NiteSite Viper (7.4 hours of use)

4 Ah: NiteSite Wolf (6.5 hours of use)

6 Ah (Stock Mounted): NiteSite Eagle (5.8 hours of use)

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