You’ve been waiting for an invite to your first shoot, but now it’s come would you know the correct etiquette?  You’ll want to behave in a manner accustomed with a shoot so that you are conducting yourself with confidence.  A lot of shooting etiquette is down to good manners and common sense.  But if you are looking for that return invitation, then check out our top tips to keep you right.

Reply Promptly

When you receive your invitation (whether in conversation or in writing) it is best to reply as promptly as possible.  A lot of planning has gone in to putting together a team for the shoot and so if you are unable to make, then a replacement will need to be found.  A prompt response is always appreciated so that necessary plans can be made.

What to wear

Although the shooting world has relaxed somewhat in acceptable style, there are still certain standards that should be kept to.  A shirt and tie are a must on a formal driven day, with breeks always the best option too.  In terms of footwear, wellies and good sturdy boots are both acceptable.  Ear defenders are safety must.

Bring your own?

Do you bring your own gun?  If you have your own gun then it is absolutely fine to bring with you.  However if you are new to shooting then you may not own your own.  Your host will more than likely organise a loader to accompany you and guide you throughout the day.  A great opportunity to learn for future shoots.

Top Tip

Always a tough one, how much to tip the keeper.  Again your host is the best person to speak to regarding this and to guide you.  However if you feel you have had a great day and you’d like to tip more than recommended then please do.

To drink or not to drink

That is the question!  Drinking in charge of a firearm is never a good idea.  However drinks are usually offered at elevenses, know your limits and stick to them.  There is plenty of time after the guns have been put away for the day to have a couple of glasses of wine.

A welcome gift

It is always seen as a good idea to never turn up to an invitation empty handed.  It is entirely up to you of course, but a bottle of something would be gratefully received for the day (sloe gin and port are a god idea)

Thank you

Just like a prompt response to the original invitation is advisable, so is taking the time to send a thank you to your hosts after the event.

So there you have it.  The main thing is to be respectful at all times, act sensibly and most of all, enjoy yourself!