The first RE Ranger products were crafted and engineered in the early 1990s by the late president Richard Waszkiewicz, son of Randolph Engineering co-founder Jan Waszkiewicz. Richard partnered with the shooting industry’s leading optical experts to design and execute many of the original styles that form the base the current range of RE Ranger products.

Today, RE Ranger continues to strive to deliver the best possible products to our customers. Partnered with Olympic and other elite shooters and coaches, they spend endless hours field testing. This therefore results in innovative, high quality, and exceptionally high performance shooting eyewear.

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Reviews from our shooters:

“…And as for the glasses; excellent shape having very little nose piece to block your eyes. Good quality lenses, the colour contrast is also very good allowing for easy target acquisition on tricky backgrounds”

– Jeremy Bird

British Olympic Skeet Record Holder

“…The comfort and quality of RE Rangers is incomparable and the large selection of lenses and frames make certain that there is something for everyone. I couldn’t think of shooting without them!”

– Steph Meachen

Yorkshire Ladies and Junior Sporting Champion 2018

“…the build of the lenses is second to none. I once took a large piece of clay straight to the face and all that was left was a few dints and scratches on the lenses.  …far superior to any other glasses I’ve used.”

– Ollie Zaitschenko

Lincolnshire Colts English Sporting Champion