Country Matters Karen Laurence-Rowe. Helping The Rhinos

Country Matters have partnered with Karen Laurence-Rowe, a wildlife artist and will make a 20% donation of all sales to Helping Rhinos Charity with every product purchased featuring Karen’s work.

York Guns are proud to support this cause and are stocking the greeting cards range which are stunning, the images just don’t capture the true beauty.

About Karen Laurence-Rowe

Karen Laurence-Rowe was born in Uganda, daughter to a civil engineer. She lived a rather nomadic existence, her childhood years were spent trailing across eastern Africa watching her father carve roads into a land teaming with game and sweeping landscapes. – An Africa virtually unspoiled in the early sixties.

Karen has lived in Africa all her life and currently resides in Kenya where the extraordinary wildlife and landscapes continue to capture her imagination and fill the canvases and surfaces that she works on.

Over the last few years her attention has turned more and more to the conservation of wildlife and endangered species, which her work clearly reflects. Many of her paintings are donated or part donated to conservation groups struggling to cope with poaching and the result of human encroachment into the wild spaces of Africa. Karen’s most recent conservation cause has been to assist ‘Helping Rhinos in their endeavour to help conservation groups protect rhinos on the ground in Africa. Rhinos are being poached for their horns at a most alarming rate and Karen, Country Matters and Helping Rhinos have collaborated to produce this magnificent collection of art that will help raise funds to protect these magnificent beasts.

Karen’s conservation work has recently earned her the Simon Combes Conservation Artist Award in Canada (2015) and the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year in 2012.