Our newest colleague, Jill, recently visited WMS Firearms Training in Ceredigion, Wales, for a Rifle experience day with Browning International. An experienced rifle target shooter herself, well known for her work with the York Railway Institute, we thought Jill would be the perfect choice to represent York Guns and cast a keen eye over Browning’s rifle selection…

Here, in her own words, is Jill’s experience at the Browning day.

Hi David,

“On the day of the Browning shoot, we were picked up from the hotel in Browning cars. We started shooting at 100 Metre using the Browning T-Bolt in 22 Calibre.”

(Part of the ‘message’ of the day was to show the results that could be achieved with standard rifles and standard scopes at range. Andrew Venebles, Lead instructor at WMS and Managing Director, is also a firm believer in burning as much powder as possible with a small-bore, low-recoil rifle before moving onto the Bigger stuff)

“We went on to use the Browning X-Bolt and Winchester XPR in .243 and .308. These all used a standard Kite scope and Winchester ammunition. Andrew provided firearms coaching that was particularly useful for those that were new to rifle shooting.”

(It should be noted here that Jill, for health reasons, has a pretty unique rifle shooting style and mount. When confronted with this, he thought it best to… leave her to it.)

“Beginning at 200 Metres, we then moved onto 1000 Metre targets. The rifles proved really effective and proved Andrew’s point about just what can be achieved with Standard guns, scopes and ammunition. Taking into account the weather conditions, we were all able to hit the targets- from newbies to properly experienced shots.”

(The day was capped off with rapid-fire shooting on a Running Boar target with the straight-pull Browning Maral rifle that Jill has since described as “Lightweight” and “Really good”)

“Overall the day was a big success. We had a great day, made good friends and I was able to skive off work spend the day doing my favourite thing, shooting. A big thank you to all at Browning and WMS firearms training for having us”

(The day was, it seems, really well attended, with everyone from industry veterans to modern media outlets participating)

I can’t think of a better way to spend a day off work than shooting big rifles at long ranges in the beautiful Welsh countryside. Again, a big thanks to Browning Europe  and WMS for hosting the event. They really did provide an excellent experience for all.

Look out for more from Jill soon!

Images: Jill Foulner

Words (Mostly): Jill Foulner

Editing: David

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