Barry Holt- My First Blog

Barry Holt

Hi, my name is Barry Holt, Team Leader at York Guns. I have been asked to provide a blog on our airgun & accessory section.

Like most, I was introduced to shooting via the airguns route. My experience started as a boy, hunting in the bush of West Africa. I have the pleasure of joining the RAF and my shooting experience continued through; Rough Shooting, Vermin, Clay and Game keeping.

After leaving the RAF I took position as Head Deer Stalker on the Cowday Estate, West Sussex (not with an air gun!) I have held a section 1 firearms for many years as well.

York Guns have sold air weapons for many years mainly for hunting ie Weihrauch plus other makes mainly Springers and later PCPs in .22 cal. Now with the ever increasing interest in air gun shooting ie hunting (HFT/FT) we are increasing our stock and acessories.

After considering feedback from our customers we are expanding our range of air gun pellets with us now stocking Air Arms in .177 & .22 and JSB exact. Stocks are increasing on cleaning equipment and staking Aides

I’d like to recommend two packages for those of you just starting out.  These represent in my opinion quality products whilst getting value for money.

  • Stoeger X20S .22 cal/.177 includes scope and moderator.  Available in Wood or Synethic.  Priced at £169
  • Stoeger S20S A-TAC .22/.177 includes Scope, Moderator, Bi Pod and Gun Bag . Priced at £199

I can happily put together a competitively priced package for those requiring something different.

My blogs will be monthly and covering advice, experience and product recommendation. I’d love to hear your thoughts so get in touch.