Hi, my name is Aris Symeonides Retail Advisor at York Guns.  Although I enjoy all types of shooting my expertise is Shotguns. As we are now in the start of the gaming season I’d like to talk to you about two shotguns. I hope you find this informative and as always if you have any questions please ask.  We are happy to help.

Beretta Silver Pigeon

The Beretta Silver Pigeon is the perfect example of a game gun for all disciplines from grouse to pigeon. Available in 28”, 30” and 32” barrels all Multi Choke with spare chokes. Comes in various calibres from 12b-410. 12b overall weight is 3.4kg with 30” barrels different calibres and barrels change the overall weight starting from 2.75kg-3.4kg. 6×6 rib dimension. Comes complete with Beretta ABS Travel Case Comes standard with scroll engraved action priced at £1,550.00 or for a game scene engraved action £1,750.00


Browning B525

Browning B525 is the entry Over and Under in the Browning range. Perfect for all types of shooters. The B525 comes in both 12b and 20b with some special realises in other calibres for example 410. The 12b’s come in the standard Hunter and Hunter light. The Hunter comes in barrel lengths 28” and 30” with grade 2 wood with oil finish and game scene engraved. Price of the Hunter £1,515.00. Hunter Light also comes with a game scene engraved action very similar to the Hunter. Comes in only 26” and 28” barrels but has an overall weight of 3.1kg making it one of the lightest 12b on the market. Price of hunter light £1,656.00. Both Guns come complete with Browning ABS Travel Case.